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Last Updated: Monday, 8 October 2007, 11:45 GMT 12:45 UK
Station rapped for 'Athens' prize
A radio station has been criticised by media watchdog Ofcom for misleading listeners after a prize trip to "Athens" turned out to be a restaurant.

Some listeners to Birmingham-based BRMB had believed the winners would be travelling to Athens, Greece, to watch a Champions League football match.

But the station later revealed that the destination was a Birmingham eatery.

Ofcom said BRMB had "seriously breached" guidelines. BRMB's owners said there was "no attempt to mislead".

'Something amiss'

GCap Radio, which owns BRMB, said it had given sufficient clues to listeners to indicate that the prize was not a trip to Greece.

It told Ofcom: "The fact the radio station advised people to arrive at BRMB for 1500 BST on the day of the match (taking into account the time difference and flight time to Greece from the UK) should have alerted participants to the fact something was amiss."

But Ofcom said the first unambiguous clue was not given to listeners until 22 May, seven days after a number of listeners had been encouraged to enter the competition.

The watchdog said it would not take action against the station as it was the first breach recorded against BRMB.

The competition, for 100 winners to win "tickets to go to Athens and watch the Champions league final", was broadcast on the station's Drivetime show.

Ofcom was alerted to the issue when it received a complaint from a prizewinner's husband.

In all three people complained and were offered a refund for the full cost of their texts.

Some 95 people enjoyed the meal at Athens restaurant.

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