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Last Updated: Thursday, 13 September 2007, 19:55 GMT 20:55 UK
Vertical theme park plan for city
Vertiplex plans
The building would include panoramic views
A vertical theme park could be built in the heart of Birmingham by 2010, if the plans are approved.

The VTP 200 tower would stand 200 metres high in Birmingham's Eastside, next to Millennium Point.

Pettifer Estates unveiled its proposals for the 95m development, which would include a 100 metre-high bungee jump and a 360-degree view of the county.

The scale model and plans will be shown in a public exhibition at Millennium Point from Saturday.

If the proposal goes ahead, the development would be the fourth highest building in Britain.

Vertiplex plans
The development is planned for 2010

Birmingham's VTP 200 would allow people to try controlled free-falling from 100 metres and walk around the outside of the building wearing a harness.

It would also include up to 15 restaurants, bars and cafes.

Project director Charles Pettifer said: "We are investing in the region of 95m so it's major investment for Birmingham, which is going to have a fantastic benefit for the region."

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