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Legal battle for right to die man
Noel Martin
Noel Martin was attacked by racists in Germany in 1996
A man who had intended to end his life by the time of his 48th birthday has delayed it because of legal wrangles.

Noel Martin, from Edgbaston, Birmingham, who turned 48 on 23 July, was the victim of a racist attack which left him paralysed from the neck down.

He had planned to go to a clinic in Switzerland for an "assisted suicide".

But difficulties over the future of his home, where his wife is buried in the garden, have led to the postponement. He has no new date for the trip.

Attackers jailed

Mr Martin is trying to set up his estate as a charitable status but is facing delays over his bid.

He said: "I would lose my home and my wife's grave be dug up because of death tax. I cannot afford to leave any bills behind so everything has to go into a charity to protect my legacy."

He has decided to travel abroad because it would be illegal for doctors to help him die in this country.

He was attacked in June 1996 in Mahlow where he was working in construction. His attackers were jailed for eight and five years.

His wife died of cancer and he is now reliant on 24-hour care.

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