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Brummie girls 'not pretty enough'
Sophie Wilson - Miss "Birmingham"
Sophie Wilson has never lived in Birmingham
Beauty contest officials chose a model from Stoke-on-Trent to represent Birmingham because they could not find anyone pretty enough from the city.

Miss Great Britain organisers picked Sophie Wilson to represent the city in a heat despite her only connection being an ex-boyfriend who lived there.

The 18-year-old IT student said she thought it was unfair on Birmingham's beauties.

The competition was later won by Rachael Tennant, from Aberdeen.

Miss Wilson said: "When they said there wasn't that many pretty girls in Birmingham I didn't actually believe in that.

'No-one suitable'

"There are obviously going to be absolutely gorgeous girls about but I just think they weren't auditioned."

Tracie Bedwood, of Birmingham model agency Adage Models, said she could not believe the decision.

She said: "If it's someone representing Birmingham then they should be from Birmingham.

"There are lots of beautiful girls in the city and I know because we've got lots of them on our books."

A spokesman for Miss Great Britain said: "We were desperately looking for a Miss GB entrant from Birmingham but in truth, there was no-one suitable who entered.

"We look forward to more entering next year."

No Birmingham girls for Miss Great Britain

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