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Boy uses eyes to control computer
Ben Nutbrown
Ben Nutbrown uses his eyes to control the computer
An eight-year-old boy who has cerebral palsy is using cutting edge technology to help him write.

Ben Nutbrown has been given the use of a 15,000 computer at Penn Hall Special School, in Wolverhampton, which he controls by using his eyes.

The computer works by using infra red to track Ben's eyes as he moves his head along the keyboard.

He is one of four people in the UK to use the technology. His mother wants to raise money to buy one for home use.

Rita Nutbrown said: "Ideally for the future we would like one at home as well, because as he gets older he'll be taking his GCSEs."

Ben's teacher Sarah Booth said: "Prior to having this equipment, a sentence could've taken him literally a whole lesson.

"In terms of writing a story we'd almost give him a whole week of English lessons to get his story finished."

The device is one of only four in the UK

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