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Last Updated: Saturday, 28 April 2007, 15:34 GMT 16:34 UK
Eviction threat over razor wire
Razor wire
Sandwell Homes has said the wire is too dangerous
A family has been threatened with eviction after they put up razor wire to stop vandals breaking into their property.

Judith Partridge, of West Bromwich, said she took the measure following weeks of harassment.

She said intruders had destroyed plants and pots and a bench had been dumped in a pond.

But Sandwell Council, which owns the house, has said the wire is dangerous and has to be taken down.

'Last resort'

It has written to Mrs Partridge and her disabled mother, telling them the wire must come down or they will lose their home.

It followed a complaint from a neighbour.

Mrs Partridge said: "I appreciate it isn't very nice to look at but it's a very, very last desperate resort to try and say 'keep away'.

"Everything else we've tried has failed."

Peter John, of Sandwell Homes, said that, while he was sympathetic, the wire was dangerous and would have to come down.

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