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Last Updated: Wednesday, 28 March 2007, 11:59 GMT 12:59 UK
Town warned over binge drinking
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The trust said more must be done to tackle alcohol misuse
An increasing number of people in a Black Country town are drinking too much, health chiefs have warned.

More than 20,000 adults in Walsall consume more than "sensible weekly levels" of alcohol, Walsall Teaching Primary Care Trust said.

About 37,000 could be termed binge drinkers, it added.

It advises that men should drink no more than 21 units each week and women should consume no more than 14. One unit equals about half a pint of beer.

Men should also drink no more than four units a day to be considered safe and women no more than three units, the trust added.

'Criminal activity'

Its director of public health, Sam Ramaiah, said: "Most people drink sensibly and safely but growing alcohol consumption is leading to widespread misuse among sections of the community.

"Varying from serious long-term health damage or death, to unsafe sexual behaviour and unwanted pregnancy, serious accidental injury, criminal activity and domestic violence, it is clear... all the agencies in Walsall need to do more to tackle alcohol misuse."

Binge drinking is defined as drinking at least twice the safe daily limit.

One unit is roughly equal to one half a pint of ordinary strength beer; a small glass of wine; a single measure of spirits; a very small glass of sherry or fortified wine.

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