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Last Updated: Monday, 26 March 2007, 13:01 GMT 14:01 UK
Council rejects Tesco off-licence
Tesco drink counter - generic picture
Tesco said it was "disappointed" by the council's decision
Plans to open a Tesco off-licence on the edge of a "dry" area of Birmingham have been rejected by councillors.

Alcohol has been banned from being sold in Bournville since the village was built by Quaker chocolate baron George Cadbury for his workers in 1890.

Tesco wanted to build a store on the edge of the alcohol-restricted zone in Linden Road.

But the city council said the store could increase anti-social behaviour, crime and litter.

Councillor Penny Wagg added: "Even with conditions applied, we feel the granting of a licence would only exasperate these."

'Fantastic result'

Tesco said it was "disappointed" by the decision and was "considering its options".

The council's decision was welcomed by residents who had campaigned against the store opening.

Councillor Nigel Dawkins, who led the opposition, said: "It's a fantastic result. This shows Tesco that they have to talk to communities and they cannot just walk over them.

"This has put a line in the sand - people like Tesco who think they can come and sell alcohol without consulting the communities cannot.

"It feels pretty good but the victory is a victory for Bournville."

Petition over Tesco off-licence
17 Mar 07 |  West Midlands

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