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Last Updated: Tuesday, 20 February 2007, 20:51 GMT
Part of estate to be demolished
A house on the Goscote estate
Many of the houses on the estate are in a dilapidated condition
Nearly 300 homes on a Walsall housing estate are to be knocked down and rebuilt as part of plans to regenerate the area.

A total of 281 homes on the Goscote estate are to be bulldozed along Goscote Lodge Crescent, Hildicks Crescent and Middle Crescent.

Some residents will not be allowed back for three years whilst the construction work is completed.

Housing chiefs said the work was essential to improve the area.

The houses will be replaced with more modern properties and access to the estate will also be improved, said organisers.

Residents are being moved elsewhere whilst work takes place but when the new homes are built some will be given the chance to return.

Sarah Thomas, from housing association Walsall Housing Group, said: "To address the problems on the estate long term we do need to make drastic changes.

"That includes linking this estate with other areas, making more access points and making it a more desirable place to live."

The first residents are set to be moved out of their homes in April.

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