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Ex-para blows his way to record
Phil Palmer
Mr Palmer's record attempt took place at Coppice High School
A former paratrooper has blown his way into the record books by playing a note on his clarinet.

Phil Palmer, who runs a music shop in the Black Country played the single note for one minute 16 seconds, topping the previous record of 49 seconds.

But the music teacher said playing the note was easy, finding an official decibel reader, a time-keeper and two independent witnesses was much harder.

Guinness World Records must now verify the 54-year-old's attempt.

Harder than blowing

Mr Palmer, who runs Musicland in Wednesfield, said: "I felt I could have done a bit better but with the tension, with the officials and the cameras rolling it is a little bit different."

The musician, from Wednesbury, carried out the record-breaking attempt at Coppice High School in Wednesfield on Monday evening.

But he said the paperwork and finding number of officials for the event was the most difficult part of beating the record.

"Getting all that side of it is harder than picking up an instrument and blowing."

Mr Palmer is now hoping for people to make donations to cancer research following the record.

Ex-para aims for musical record
26 Nov 06 |  West Midlands

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