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Telegram workers meet at reunion
Telegram boy
Telegram boys often began work in their early teens
A reunion has taken place of more than 120 former telegram boys who between them have 3,000 years of service with the Post Office (PO).

Many of the workers, some of whom are still employed by the PO, donned their uniforms for the meeting.

Most of them began work aged 14 or 15 and delivered telegrams on foot, by bike and then motorcycles, in the days before telephones were widespread.

The event was arranged by two former messengers who still work for the PO.

Telegrams played such an important part in those times
Roger Green, mail worker

Roger Green, 46, who works in the Special Handstamp Centre at the Birmingham Mail Centre, and Keith Cheshire, 59, a Royal Mail driver in the city, said the reunion would be a wonderful chance to look back on old times.

"We have people coming who were messenger boys in the 1930s as well as many who started out delivering telegrams and still work for Royal Mail today," said Mr Green.

"It will be great catching up on stories from times before telephones when a telegram was the only way of getting a message to someone on the same day.

Bicycles were once the quickest way to pass on messages

"Telegrams played such an important part in those times delivering news of events including strikes, funerals and weddings."

Some of the former employees are in their late 70s and would have worked for the old GPO, which preceded the Post Office and British Telecom.

The event took place on Saturday evening at the Birmingham United Service Club in Gough Street.

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