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Last Updated: Friday, 18 August 2006, 11:04 GMT 12:04 UK
Teenager jailed for killing expat
A teenager has been jailed in Cambodia for 20 years for stabbing to death a British bar owner.

David Mitchell, who owned the Ginger Monkey bar in Phnom Penh, was stabbed repeatedly at his home in February.

Mr Mitchell, of the West Midlands, died as he defended his girlfriend Jane Nye, 29, from New Zealand, who was injured.

Lao Chamrong, who originally gave his name as Tong Chen and is reportedly aged 15, admitted the murder in court, prosecutors have told reporters.

He was arrested near the royal palace in the country's capital as he was cleaning blood from a knife on the night of the killing.

"He admitted to the court that he murdered the British man," prosecutor Ngeth Sarath told the Reuters news agency.

"We sentenced him to 20 years in jail."

Lao Chamrong had initially told authorities his name was Tong Chen and he was aged 18. However, his real name and age later emerged in court.

Charge over British expat murder
24 Feb 06 |  West Midlands

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