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Last Updated: Monday, 31 July 2006, 20:03 GMT 21:03 UK
Children in trouble for hopscotch
Kayleigh Mangan and friends
Kayleigh and her friends want to carry on playing hopscotch
A group of youngsters has fallen foul of the law for playing hopscotch.

West Midlands Police community support officers asked parents in Spring Street in Halesowen to remove chalk markings after complaints about them.

Several children were involved in the games resulting in several markings on the pavement.

Police said they were also investigating complaints of anti-social behaviour. But mother Lisa Mangan said their action was "extreme".

She said: "With what is going on in the world it is pretty extreme for a few chalk markings on the pavement which will be washed away."

The children drawing chalk markings on the pavement
Police deal with "low-level crime" to prevent more serious problems

Her daughter Kayleigh, 14, added: "I think its stupid and they shouldn't be wasting their time up here having a go at kids about chalk when there are other things going on in the world."

In a statement, West Midlands Police said the officer visited the street following complaints not only about large areas of the pavement being left chalked but also after numerous complaints about anti-social behaviour in the area.

They said the feedback from residents has been good and in dealing with what the force called "low-level crime", they could prevent more serious problems developing.

The children washed some of the markings away but said they were determined to carry on playing.

Hear the youngsters' complaints

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