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Unions hopeful of HP Sauce rescue
HP sauce
Measures to save 1m were presented by union leaders
Union leaders from the HP Sauce factory in Birmingham are hopeful Heinz will reverse a decision to close the plant following a fresh round of talks.

Representatives had six hours of talks with managers who promised to consider a package of trade union measures to save the Aston Cross plant.

Owners Heinz want to close the factory and move production to the Netherlands with the loss of 120 jobs.

Workers' leaders said an official response is expected next week.

Heinz believe they will save 2.5m if production is moved to Elst.

Limited redundancies

A range of measures put together by union officials to keep production in Birmingham would save just over 1m.

The measures include a limited number of redundancies, a reduction in wages by changing shift patterns and increases in efficiency.

"Given the good will from the employees, trade unions and how hard we've worked with local management to bridge the gap and the feeling of people living in Birmingham - I would've thought that's worth more than 1.5m a year," said John Jordon, from the Transport and General Workers' Union.

He said the union hoped to get a response from Heinz within 10 days.

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