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Last Updated: Thursday, 15 June 2006, 12:16 GMT 13:16 UK
Aeroplane crash lands on runway
The Boeing 737-300 at Birmingham International Airport

A freight plane has made an emergency crash landing at Birmingham International Airport after developing problems with its undercarriage.

The Boeing 737-300 landed on the main runway and collapsed on to its side. The two crew members were unhurt.

The TNT plane was travelling from Liege in Belgium to Stansted Airport, when it was diverted to Birmingham.

The plane is unlikely to be moved until Thursday evening, and flights have been severely disrupted.

No flights are able to land at the airport as the freight plane remains on its side at the end of the runway.

All departing flights were cancelled for five hours but the majority of out bound planes are now able to take off using a shortened stretch of the runway.

However passengers are still being advised to turn up to check in.

Services into the airport have been diverted to Nottingham East Midlands Airport, Coventry Airport, Bournemouth, Bristol and Manchester, with some passengers being taken by bus to and from those airports.

Buses provided

A total of 79 flights, both departures and arrivals, were cancelled in the first three hours following the emergency landing just after 0600 BST on Thursday.

Airport spokesman John Morris said: "For those going on holiday further afield they will be put on coaches to be taken (to airports) further away.

"The message is please do check in as normal but do expect comprehensive delays."

A section of the main runway had been opened to provide a limited service for airlines using smaller aircraft, and other airlines would be making alternative arrangements for passengers, he said.

TNT Express said the freight plane was "fully compliant" with all airworthiness checks and certificates, was up-to-date with its maintenance schedule, and the pilot was very experienced with the type of aircraft.

A team from the Air Accident Investigation Board has arrived at the scene.

Are you stuck at the airport? Do you know anyone trying to get to World Cup matches in Germany? Send us your experiences using the form below.

I work at the Airport as a Catering Manager and it is like a football match Airside, people and bags everywhere, with people getting annoyed and temper are fraying. Gary Richards, Birmingham

My son was on Flight 402 to Faro at 6am. Belted & taxing it was stopped just before takeoff. He is 16 & travelling on his own for the 1st time to meet his Dad who is on holiday in Portugal. My son, Jay joins him later as he had his last GCSE yesterday!! Last I heard he is being transferred to Gatwick for a 9am flight...(I hope they have a TV screen there as he is footy) mad. I can't get hold of him now as his mobile battery has gone..I am waiting to hear back from Monarch's help desk at BIA...a worried Mum, Barbara O'Neill-Joyce, Cheltenham, Glos

We were on the 06.20 Birmingham to Paris service and then they told us the Airport was closed. We had a connection to make in Paris for Nuremburg but obviously couldn't make it after the incident. We have since abandoned all plans to get to the game and this has broken my run of 35 consecutive England Matches. Tried all ways to get to Nuremburg, but not possible given our geographical location and time available. David Denton, Sheffield, UK

I have 3 colleagues who were all due to fly out of Birmingham to Germany this morning. Of the two I have spoken to, one was being bussed to Coventry Airport for his flight and the other had no clear message from his airline at that time (it was 0930). He was resigned to the fact he may be watching it on a TV in a pub rather than in person. I know that the staff at Birmingham Airport will manage the situation with the utmost professionalism and will ensure that the airport gets back to normal as soon as is practically possible. They always do. You need to remember when dealing with that volume of passengers there is always an element of chinese whispers amongst one another and the lack of information from their airlines agents only adds to this frustration. Jo , Coventry

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See the diverted plane at the end of the runway

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