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Last Updated: Friday, 17 March 2006, 20:36 GMT
Chalk symbols are an urban myth
The leaflet has been handed out in Walsall
The leaflet has been handed out in Walsall
Symbols chalked on walls to tell thieves if a house is worth raiding or not seems to be an urban myth.

Residents groups in Walsall have distributed leaflets showing the symbols after becoming concerned.

A cross on a wall would mean a worthwhile target while a cross over a circle means nothing worth having.

But West Midlands Police said the leaflets are not endorsed by the force and they are not aware of any criminals using symbols.

There were thought to be about six symbols in all showing locations which were burglar alarmed, according to the leaflet.

Others showed where nervous occupants lived or where a vulnerable female lived. Three circles means the property has rich pickings.

Neighbourhood watch co-ordinator Chris Jones said residents should be careful not to start a panic and added there was not a lot of evidence to support the rumours.

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