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Last Updated: Tuesday, 28 June, 2005, 17:10 GMT 18:10 UK
Parrot killer too drunk for court
Paul Bryan Pugh outside court
Pugh said he could not remember attacking the bird
A man who ripped the head off a parrot has pleaded guilty to cruelty through his solicitor after he was deemed to be too drunk to appear in court himself.

Paul Bryan Pugh, 39, from Low Hill, Wolverhampton, was warned he could face jail for his actions on 5 February.

The city's magistrates' court heard he could not remember killing his pet during a row with his wife Debbie.

Pugh had to plead guilty in his absence after the court's security staff refused to let him enter the building.

Roger Price, prosecuting for the RSPCA, told the court the decapitation of the Senegal breed, called Baby, was witnessed by the couple's teenage son.

'Blood and feathers'

Mr Price said: "Mr Pugh became aggressive and was cautioned by his wife to go to bed, but he returned back downstairs and continued to argue with Mrs Pugh.

"He returned to the living room and took a seat opposite the parrot's cage.

"Mr Pugh was shouting and said 'right I am going to kill her'.

"He then twisted the parrot's head around two or three times and the head became detached.

"His son described how blood and feathers were cast on to the coffee table and the floor and the head and body were thrown down."

The court heard that Pugh said he had no idea why he had been arrested when he was questioned by an RSPCA inspector the following day.

He told the inspector he deserved to be locked up if he had hurt the parrot, claiming he loved the hand-reared bird, even letting it sit on his shoulder and go to the shops in his car.

Chair of the bench, Geri Brookes, bailed Pugh to return to court for sentencing on 18 July, but warned him that a custodial sentence was being considered.

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