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Last Updated: Monday, 6 June, 2005, 16:00 GMT 17:00 UK
Children car-towing claims denied
Birmingham City Council has denied claims that a car with two children inside was hoisted onto a tow-truck by parking enforcement officers.

Witnesses said the officials tried to remove the Nissan Primera from a no-waiting zone in Saltley on Saturday, despite the presence of the children.

But the council says it has photographs which prove the car was empty when it was lifted from the street.

The incident on Alum Rock Road led to a 200-strong mob surrounding the wardens.

'Police escort'

Commenting on the dispute, a council spokeswoman said: "A parking attendant issued a penalty charge notice at 2.46pm to a motor vehicle which was parked in contravention of the yellow line restrictions.

"The removal vehicle arrived at Alum Rock Road at 3.04pm to commence the removal of the car.

"The vehicle did not contain any passengers. Photographs taken by the parking attendant at the commencement of the removal clearly show that the vehicle was empty."

The spokeswoman said that the driver of the Nissan did not return to his vehicle until it was being secured for removal.

The motorist, two young girls and a woman then climbed into the Nissan and refused to move.

The spokeswoman concluded. "The family would not get out of the vehicle until it was driven to Washwood Heath Road under police escort."

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