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Last Updated: Saturday, 28 May, 2005, 08:43 GMT 09:43 UK
Offenders to be shown red card
Police are to show yobs in Birmingham the red card in the latest scheme to target anti-social behaviour.

Officers will be handing out the red and yellow cards to any troublemakers in the city's so-called Golden Mile, between Broad Street and the Arcadian.

The cards will warn people they face arrest if caught behaving badly again.

Launched on Saturday, the six-month scheme is also set to include making checks on door staff to ensure they are registered to work.

Offenders arrested

People caught using obscene language, throwing litter, obstructing roads, using threatening behaviour or urinating in the street will be given the cards.

Sgt Ade Wilson said he hoped the scheme would prevent short-term reoffending.

"If an offender commits an offence and is issued with a yellow card their details will be entered onto crime reporting systems.

"If they commit a further offence under the scheme within six months they will be issued with a red card and prosecuted.

"If these people refuse to show consideration for others and are warned more than once they will be arrested."

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