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Last Updated: Wednesday, 13 April, 2005, 11:25 GMT 12:25 UK
Ex-cop claims Ripper killed nine
Trevor Marriott
Trevor Marriott has dedicated a decade to researching the murders
Four additional murders can be attributed to Jack the Ripper, a retired detective is claiming.

Trevor Marriott, who has spent 10 years investigating the notorious Whitechapel killings, believes the Ripper may have murdered as many as nine women.

Mr Marriott, who used to work for Bedfordshire Police, is to present his findings during a lecture at the University of Wolverhampton next week.

The murders of five prostitutes in London in 1888 have never been solved.

But the killings have inspired scores of sleuths to try to work out the identity of the Victorian killer.

Mr Marriott said: "Having worked as a detective, I am fascinated by the idea of re-investigating and trying to solve a crime which has mystified the police and the British public for over a century."

The event takes place at the University's Millennium Lecture Theatre on 19 April.



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