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Last Updated: Thursday, 3 November 2005, 09:57 GMT
Missing red panda spotted in tree
Birmingham's red panda
The pandas were brought in from Bristol Zoo in March this year
A red panda which went missing from a Birmingham nature park has been found in a tree in a leafy suburb.

Babu, one of a pair of pandas at the reserve in Cannon Hill Park, was spotted by a passer-by in Moseley after four days on the loose.

The panda was coaxed down from his tree and is now back at the nature reserve.

A spokesman said he had not travelled far from his home: "He was very clever and stayed away from the roads and kept near the berries."

Babu was spotted by Sandra McWilliams.

Look for crows

Her mother, Faye Williams, said her father had given her tips on how to spot him.

"She told her father she was going out to look for the panda.

"He said to look for crows - if you see a lot of crows and they are making a lot of noise look up the tree and you might find him.

"Apparently the crows would make a lot of noise, they would be having a go at him."

Keepers at the reserve realised the male panda was missing on Sunday morning.

His keeper, Colin Parker, said Babu had been reunited with his brother, Tensing.

"I haven't slept since he went missing, so it is a huge relief," he said.

Tree climbing specialists were called in to assist Mr Parker re-capture the errant panda.

Red pandas are similar to racoons and tend to live high up in trees, feeding on bamboo.

At this time of year they should be able to survive on fruit and berries.

They are a rare breed and there are only 70 in the country.

Red panda missing from city park
01 Nov 05 |  West Midlands

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