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Last Updated: Tuesday, 25 October 2005, 20:11 GMT 21:11 UK
Riot rape claim probe continues
Police in Birmingham on Sunday night
Police said they are continuing to work with the community
An "active" investigation of a rape allegation that triggered rioting in Birmingham has been continuing, police have said.

Officers have so far found no evidence of an attack or identified the 14-year-old alleged victim.

A West Midlands Police statement on Tuesday revealed an anonymous caller alerted officers on 12 October.

Two men died after clashes in Lozells on Saturday following a meeting to reassure people over the attack rumour.

Tuesday's statement read: "Police have been actively investigating this allegation since being first alerted to it on 12 October by an anonymous caller.

"Several lines of enquiry have been followed up, but at present there is no evidence to either confirm or deny the allegation or to identify the victim or people believed responsible."

People gathering outside Beauty Queen Cosmetics
Crowds gathered outside the beauty shop last week
The victim of Saturday night's rioting was 23-year-old Isiah Young-Sam, stabbed to death by a gang of up to 11 men.

The trouble, centred on the Lozells area and involving Asian and black youths, followed a meeting held at a church in the area.

On Sunday Aaron James, 18, was shot dead less than a mile from the scene of the rioting in Melbourne Avenue, Newtown.

Two men arrested in connection with the death of Mr James have since been freed without charge.

The owner of the beauty shop where the alleged rape was said to have taken place has said it was just a rumour to harm his business.

'Sharing information'

Sporadic outbreaks of trouble also occurred on Sunday, although they were kept under control by a large police presence, some of which remained on Tuesday night.

West Midlands Police continued to stress the importance of communities working together to prevent a repeat of the "tragic events" of the weekend.

"The sharing of information between police and communities is a vital part of this work, as this enables us to respond to community concerns," the statement continued.

"Birmingham has been a place where people of all types of backgrounds have lived together in harmony for many years and this remains the priority for all concerned."

It said discussions between the community, police and their partner agencies would continue in the next few weeks to strengthen relationships.

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