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Last Updated: Sunday, 23 October 2005, 12:18 GMT 13:18 UK
All quiet on clash city's streets
Burnt out cars
Burnt out cars told of the troubled night of violence
Burnt out cars, blood stains and bricks littering the streets told of the clashes that left one man dead and at least a dozen others in hospital.

But on Sunday the streets of the Lozells Road area of Birmingham were returning to normal following Saturday night's troubles.

Smashed windows were being boarded up and shops were reopening.

From the scene, BBC reporter Joanna Hall said: "In some respects it would seem as if it is a normal morning."

Police and community leaders called for calm following the violence, which is linked to tensions after claims a 14-year-old girl had been sexually assaulted.

Why do people choose this area to make trouble all the time?
Om Parkash, newsagent

Ms Hall said: "There are not many shops open but there are a few people about and I have seen plenty of people making their way to church."

A large police presence in the early morning was scaled down as the day went on.

Newsagent Om Parkash said he opened his Lozells Road store as normal on Sunday, but business had been slower than usual.

"It has been very quiet - we have had a few customers coming in but not as many as normal. We used to have a lot of people coming in on their way to church but a lot have stayed away today," he said.

'Blood on pavement'

He said he had closed his store early the day before as it appeared trouble was escalating.

On his way back to work on Sunday morning he said he noticed a few signs of the violence which took place.

Resident make repairs following violence in Birmingham
Homes and businesses were being repaired on Sunday

"There was not much difference but I saw a car which had been burnt and I saw some blood on the pavement.

"Why do people choose this area to make trouble all the time?

"The people who live here are good people, they are not trouble causers."

He added he believed it was people coming in from outside the area who caused the trouble.

India Murray, landlady of the Union Inn in Berners Street, just off Lozells Road, had all her windows smashed by people running by and hurling bricks.

I heard people were being dragged from their cars and beaten up
Landlady India Murray
She said the shops were opening and things seemed quiet but she would not be surprised if there was more trouble on Sunday night.

"I have been here for 15 years and I have never had trouble before.

"There is a mixed community that comes into this pub and they all get along very well."

She closed the pub doors in the early evening but the bar was still busy when the windows were smashed at about 2100 BST.

She said: "It was horrible. Nobody could get taxis home. Some of the taxis did come into the streets but the drivers were attacked.

"I saw at least three cars abandoned in the street and then set on fire.

"I heard that people were being pulled from their cars and being beaten up."

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