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Last Updated: Thursday, 10 March, 2005, 15:19 GMT
Graffiti daubed on 'lobster' pub
Graffiti on the Halfway House at Bastonford
The pub has been criticised for holding a lobster festival
A pub has been daubed with graffiti linked to animal rights protesters.

The words "lobster liberation" and "scum" were sprayed on The Halfway House at Bastonford, between Malvern and Worcester, early on Thursday.

Animal rights activists recently demonstrated outside the pub in protest at a lobster festival being held there.

The letters ALF - usually used as an abbreviation for Animal Liberation Front - were also sprayed on the pub. Police are investigating the incident.

The Norwegians have done tests to say that lobsters feel no pain
Steve Croft

A spokesman said no arrests had been made and that officers were keeping an open mind about who was responsible.

The most common method of cooking lobsters involves boiling them alive, but the practice is unacceptable to many animal rights activists.

The pub's proprietor Steve Croft said: "We've had protesters outside for the last fortnight or so of the lobster festival, but this is just one step too far really.

"They weren't happy about us cooking lobsters as such, but they thought it was coming to an end, but it's proved so popular we've carried on for a while, and this is their next step I assume."

Mr Croft added: "The Norwegians have done tests to say that lobsters feel no pain, we treat them very humanely, within Defra guidelines of how to cook them, and so I see no problem."

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