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Last Updated: Thursday, 20 January, 2005, 10:24 GMT
Police warning over mini mopeds
Motorised scooter
Go-Peds cannot be driven on roads or public land
Owners of Go-Peds and mini mopeds face prosecution and having their vehicles seized if they drive them on roads or public land, police are warning.

West Midlands Police say children have started riding the vehicles on roads and pavements throughout the region.

Unsuspecting parents could also face prosecution for allowing their children to ride the bikes illegally.

The warning comes after a surge in the number of new vehicles bought over the Christmas period.

'Real hazard'

The vehicles can only be used on private roads and land, while riders must wear protective headgear and carry a relevant driving licence.

Pc Steve Rogers, the force's Road Policing Policy Officer, said: "In the hands of an untrained rider these bikes present a real hazard to themselves and others.

"Many people are confused about where and when these type of bikes and Go-Peds can be used. It is very simple - if people use these vehicles on public road, pavements, parks and wasteland, they are breaking the law."

Caroline Hicks from the Vehicle Operator's Services Agency (VOSA) said: "To ride on the road legally a bike would have to be registered with the DVLA having previously passed a Whole Vehicle Type Approval.

"These bikes just wouldn't pass current tests."

Christmas warning over scooters
18 Nov 04 |  Scotland

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