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Last Updated: Tuesday, 23 August 2005, 10:53 GMT 11:53 UK
Boy without drink contacts police
A nine-year-old boy, who was told by his father he could not have a drink until his room was tidied, dialled 999 and asked police to help.

Lewis Richardson, from West Bromwich, used a mobile phone his parents thought no longer worked. Officers swooped on the house but no arrests were made.

Police said they had a duty of care and must respond to a child's distress call and ensure that he or she is all right.

The boy's father, Richard, said his son was shocked by what happened.

No action

He told BBC Radio Five Live: "He didn't realise that the phone would actually connect and what he's said to me since is that the operator put him through to the police.

"The police started talking to him and established that he was in his bedroom without a drink."

West Midlands Police said they had a call from a distressed child on Saturday lunchtime and went to an address in West Bromwich.

They added that no offences were disclosed and no further action was taken.

A force spokesman said: "We treat all 999 calls seriously, especially those made by distressed children."

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