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Birmingham UK's 'bubbly capital'
The survey said Aberdonians bought the least champagne
Birmingham has emerged as the champagne capital of the UK, just beating the exclusive London borough of Kensington, according to a survey.

More bottles of bubbly were bought in the city than anywhere else last year, with sales among residents up by 28%.

The survey also found the highest concentration of connoisseurs of top quality champagne could be found in Romford, Essex.

Tesco, which carried out the survey, said tastes were changing.

Mark Murphy, director of Tesco Wines, said he was not surprised at the findings, claiming massive regeneration projects in Birmingham were changing local tastes.

1. Birmingham
2. Kensington, London
3. Romford
4. Sandhurst
5. Newcastle upon Tyne
6. Harrogate
7. Glasgow
8. Cambridge
9. Brighton
10. Belfast

"Birmingham was one of the contenders for European City of Culture in 2008 and Bill Clinton who visited there as US President in 1998 told the world what a great place the city was," Mr Murphy said.

"Birmingham's canal system at Brindley Place has also been transformed and the city boasts a world-class Symphony Hall.

"All this has helped create a new air of optimism and forward thinking that is reflected in Birmingham folk's new-found taste for champagne."

Statistics for last year show most pink champagne was bought in Brighton, most crates of bubbly were sold in Sandhurst - home of the prestigious military academy - and Aberdonians bought the least champagne of all.

Rise of the bubbly
09 Feb 04 |  Magazine

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