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Last Updated: Friday, 6 February, 2004, 14:31 GMT
Jail threat to 116mph driver
James Green
Green was said to be genuinely remorseful and embarrassed
A teenage motorist has been warned by magistrates he could go to prison after breaking the speed limit by 76mph.

James Green, 18, was caught driving a Volkswagen Golf at 116mph on a 40mph road in the Black Country last July.

Green from Netherton in Dudley admitted dangerous driving when he appeared at Halesowen magistrates court on Friday.

His solicitor told the court he was genuinely remorseful, greatly ashamed and embarrassed.

Green was one of 58 motorists caught speeding in Thorns Road, Quarry Bank, near Dudley during the week of the speed trap.

Six were recorded travelling at over 80mph and one was doing 96mph. Officers described Green's speed as "phenomenal".

The court heard he was driving his father's car, a VW Golf VR6 at the time.

He was said to be a young, inexperienced driver with a clean driving licence, of good character and with no previous convictions.

He was due to have an operation in hospital the next day and was said to be taking his last opportunity to drive for two months.

Green was remanded on unconditional bail and banned from driving, pending an appearance in court for sentencing on 26 February.

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