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Warden suspended in ticket inquiry
A traffic warden has been suspended from patrolling Birmingham's streets after tickets issued to four colleagues were allegedly destroyed.

The 60 fines were posted on four vehicles parked illegally in Banbury Street, Digbeth.

Each car belonged to an employee of Control Plus, the company responsible for controlling parking for the city council since 2001.

The firm has launched an investigation into the alleged incident which was discovered by city council officials on 17 December.

They said one attendant, who has not been named, had been suspended pending a disciplinary hearing.

Control Plus has a duty to treat all of Birmingham's motorists equally
Control Plus statement

A statement from the Uxbridge-based firm read: "Control Plus has a duty to treat all of Birmingham's motorists equally, and treats any infringement of this obligation seriously.

"As the penalty charge notices were removed without the appropriate authority, and in contravention of Control Plus' operating procedure, an immediate investigation has been launched, and the employee involved has been suspended pending a disciplinary hearing."

A city council spokeswoman said: "The four tickets were reissued and the car owners will either have to pay the fine or appeal in the same way everyone else does."

The council awarded Control Plus a 1.9m contract to police the city's parking.

In the past 12 months the firm has issued about 165,000 tickets.

A series of controversies involving the firm have been reported in recent years.

In 2001 a Control Plus supervisor in Manchester was forced to resign after using his mother's orange disabled badge to park near to his office.

Another attendant in the city handed a bus driver a parking ticket after he stopped to pick up passengers at a bus stop.

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