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Last Updated: Saturday, 20 December, 2003, 14:00 GMT
Postman sues over 'too many letters'
Post box
George Chryssides denies posting 270 letters
A Black Country postman is taking legal action over claims he pulled a muscle carrying too many letters.

Alan Pugh is accusing University of Wolverhampton lecturer George Chryssides of being inconsiderate after allegedly posting 270 letters in a city centre post box.

Mr Pugh, 53, who works for Royal Mail's Wolverhampton depot in Sun Street, claims he had to take a week off sick due to a pulled muscle and lost 286.96 in pay.

Dr Chryssides, who is denying liability, said he assumed postmen knew how to deal with full post boxes.

No limit

"What I think we are experiencing here is what has been happening in America where people are trying their luck and getting more and more involved in litigation.

"I've certainly seen post boxes full before, I'm assuming that postmen know how to deal with this."

Dr Chryssides said the envelopes contained small bulletins addressed to members of the British Society for the Study of Religions, but denied there were as many as 270.

Royal Mail spokeswoman Jane Beese confirmed there was no limit on the number of items people could deposit but said that large amounts should be taken directly to a post office.

She added that Royal Mail staff were only permitted to carry a maximum of 16kg including their delivery pouch.

The action is being funded by the Communication Workers' Union and papers have been lodged with Birmingham County Court.

Mr Pugh was unavailable for comment.

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