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Last Updated: Thursday, 25 September, 2003, 05:51 GMT 06:51 UK
Fast food restaurant goes halal
Arbuckles restaurant at Star City
The restaurant does not serve alcohol
A fast food chain has opened a restaurant offering halal only meat on the menu.

Arbuckles, based in the Star City leisure complex, decided to serve the meat after carrying out a survey of customers.

The restaurant, which does not serve alcohol, is targeting the West Midlands' large Muslim community.

John Collins, the restaurant manager, said: "We did a survey about a month ago, and part of the question we were asking was what would interest people more in a restaurant if we introduced different things.

"It became apparent that people were interested in us serving halal."

The meat used is being supplied by Birmingham company, the National Halal Meat Centre, which does not stun its animals before slaughter.

But Ursula Bates, from animal rights group Viva, said she wanted the halal method of killing to be outlawed.

"We're going to talk to our MPs and we're going to launch an Early Day Motion, which MPs can then sign to say this type of slaughter should be banned."

Arbuckles say they plan to review their policy in a few months.

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