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Last Updated: Saturday, 10 May, 2003, 11:12 GMT 12:12 UK
Toll road director quits
M6 Toll map
The 27-mile road will cost 485m

A director of the Australian group behind the M6 toll road has left his post after making controversial remarks about the charges which are to be levied.

Dennis Eager, a divisional director of Macquarie Investment Group, told an Australian newspaper that the company could charge drivers "whatever we like" as the British Government had not imposed any toll limits.

Other senior figures at Macquarie have distanced themselves from Mr Eager's remarks.

It was announced on Tuesday that car drivers will have to pay 3 to use the road at peak times, with a discounted rate of 2 for the first ten million vehicles.

It was a preposterous thing for him to be saying to his potential customers
Geoff Dossiter
Freight Transport Association

Lorries will have to pay 11 and van drivers will be charged 5.

Motorcyclists will be charged 2 at peak times - 1 at the discount rate.

Geoff Dossiter, a spokesman for the Freight Transport Association, said he welcomed Mr Eager's dismissal.

"I think I'm quite pleased to see that he's gone.

"It was a preposterous thing for him to be saying to his potential customers.

"Whatever view you have of your customers, it seems to me rather daft from a business point of view to insult them and suggest that you're going to stitch them up.

'Good riddance'

"This gentleman is an Australian executive, or used to be anyway, from the owner company.

"He's now been removed from the scene and good riddance to him."

The 27-mile stretch of road will run from junction four of the M6 south of Birmingham via the north east of the city, then back to the M6 at junction 11 north of Birmingham.

The UK's first private motorway is due to open in January 2004.

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