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Last Updated: Saturday, 7 June 2003, 09:41 GMT 10:41 UK
Drink drivers given 'beer goggles'
Breath test
The goggles recreate the effect of being over the drink drive limit

Convicted drink drivers in Wolverhampton are to wear special "beer goggles" designed to make a sober person feel drunk.

The Drunk Buster goggles, which will also be used in Walsall, Aldridge and Brownhills, were imported from America and distort a person's ability to see clearly and judge distances.

They recreate the effect of being twice over the legal drink drive limit and are part of an alcohol education scheme being run by Telford Training Consultants 2000 (TTC).

Students are asked to walk in a straight line and pick up a bunch of keys in front of them.

John Price, of TTC, said: "They make you see two of everything and it is quite comical at first - until you hammer home the message that if a drunken driver is coming towards you they will see double."

TTC has been using the plastic goggles at courses throughout England and Wales.

New drive for safer alcohol use
29 Jul 02 |  Northern Ireland

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