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Kitten in washing machine ordeal
Bethany Hall and Molly
Bethany Hall spotted Molly in the washing machine
A 10-week-old kitten used up one of its nine lives when it survived a 20-minute ordeal in a washing machine.

Molly was saved when 11-year-old owner Bethany Hall saw the helpless animal clawing at the inside of the washing machine door at her County Durham home.

The pet, which had crawled into the machine at the Hall family home in Meadomsley, near Consett, suffered eye damage and had breathing difficulties.

But after a course of antibiotics and physiotherapy, Molly recovered.

Bethany's mother Sonia Hall, said: "I was in a state of panic when I saw her, but thankfully we have one of those machines that switches off easily.

'Bad way'

"Even then I had to wait two to three minutes until it drained, but on touching the glass I found it was warm so I thought she couldn't possibly have survived.

"When we were finally able to open the door and move away the laundry she seemed OK as she was sitting up and meowing, but her eyes were closed."

Molly was taken to the Prince Bishop Veterinary Hospital in nearby Leadgate.

Principal vet Jacqui Molyneux said: "Molly was brought to us in a very bad way and we thought that she wouldn't pull through. However, she proved to be a real fighter and responded to the treatment incredibly well."

Mrs Hall added: "We'll definitely be watching her more closely after this. The whole family think she's a really special and a very lucky little kitten."

A very clean - and healthy - Molly the kitten

Kitten shaken and spun in washer
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