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Farmer gets lost in his crop maze
Paul Barkes
Farmer Paul Brakes was running late for a birthday party
A farmer has told of how he became lost in his own maize maze.

Paul Barkes, 47, reached a dead end while mowing the paths through the maze at Thorpe Farm Country Park and Falconry Centre, near Barnard Castle.

He spent several minutes trying to find his way out of the five-acre maze before being forced to drive over his carefully tended crop.

Mr Brakes said his experience had prompted him to make the attraction easier for visitors.

He said: "I knew roughly where I was but I'd agreed to take my daughter to a party and I was running out of time to find my way out.

Tricky maze

"I was in a bit of a panic that she would miss the event so I was forced to cut myself another exit.

"I'd already had feedback suggesting the maze was tricky to negotiate before I became lost myself.

"Next year, I think I will make it a bit easier."

The "Chicken Run" maize maze runs until the crop is harvested in late autumn.

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