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Curfew 'improved life on estate'
Seaham curfew
The curfew for under-16s was not extended beyond six months
Quality of life on a North East estate has improved since it became one of the first places in England to enforce a late-night curfew, say police.

Seaham's Deneside estate hit the headlines in April 2004 when the Durham force used new powers to clamp down on anti-social behaviour.

After six months the scheme was deemed a success and was not extended.

Sgt Gary Webb, of Durham Police, said it was unlikely they would need to impose a curfew in the area again.

The powers, under anti-social behaviour legislation, means police have been able to remove under-16s to their homes if they have been out on the streets between 2100 and 0600 BST.

'Life better'

They could also disperse groups of two or more if they were intimidating, alarming or causing distress to others.

Sgt Webb said: "Three years ago Deneside was experiencing certain problems especially with youth disorder.

"It needed to be tackled and the new dispersal powers had just come in.

"The powers are still there and two dispersal orders are ongoing in various parts of County Durham but not in Seaham.

"The public are the best judge of when measures are required, but at this moment in time life on Deneside and in other parts of Seaham is a lot better."


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