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Last Updated: Friday, 5 May 2006, 02:56 GMT 03:56 UK
Labour keep control of Sunderland
Ballot boxes
The results were announced early on Friday
Labour kept control of Sunderland City Council as the results of the local elections were announced.

But despite holding on to overall control, they lost one seat to the Conservatives.

It means the make up of the council now stands at Labour with 59, Conservatives with 13, Liberal Democrats with two and one independent.

Turnout across the city was 32.2%. It was one area where early election centres were piloted this year.

In the city, there were 25 seats up for election, which represented a third of the council.

Mobile centres

The BNP contested every seat in the election and polled nearly 15% of the vote - nearly 10,000 votes.

Sunderland was one of a number of areas in Tyne and Wear where the early election centres were piloted in a bid to boost turnout.

Mobile centres operated at locations such as housing and council offices.

The pilot schemes are due to be evaluated by the Electoral Commission.

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