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Toll road lawyers in award hope
Durham congestion charging
Congestion charging was introduced in Durham City in October 2002
A local authority's legal eagles are in the running for an honour for their part in introducing England's first modern-day congestion charging scheme.

The Durham scheme saw a 2 toll introduced in October 2002 for drivers wanting to access Saddler Street near the historic cathedral.

The scheme has already won a string of traffic management accolades.

Now Durham County Council lawyers are set to be honoured for their work in making the scheme possible.

Lawyers in the council's corporate services division have been shortlisted for the Municipal Journal's Legal Achievement Award.

'Major achievement'

Linda Walker, head of the authority's legal services, said people did not always realise the amount of complex legal work involved in such high-profile schemes.

She said: "The pioneering work involved with drafting the country's first Congestion Charging Order was a major legal achievement in itself.

"But the other elements of the traffic management scheme have involved myriad other legal issues, ranging from compulsory purchase orders to ensuring compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act and health and safety considerations."

The awards are due to be announced on 27 June.

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