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Last Updated: Monday, 1 August 2005, 20:49 GMT 21:49 UK
Missing man search set to resume
Edward Donnelly
Edward Donnelly was last seen in March 2002
Police searching a former air raid shelter as part of a three-year missing man inquiry are due to resume their hunt on Tuesday.

Edward Donnelly disappeared from his home in Fynway, Sacriston, County Durham, on 25 March 2002.

On Monday, a road in the former pit village was closed as officers with search dogs spent the day examining a concrete structure.

Durham Police said the road would be closed again on Tuesday for a search.

In March, police went to a house in Elm Street, Sacriston, following a tip off and searched it for three days.

Examined woodland

Samples were sent for forensic analysis and this latest search came after officers received more information.

A 1km stretch of road on the site of the old Sacriston pit, at Blackett's Bank, on Acornclose Lane, was closed from 0800 BST on Monday. It is due to be closed from the same time on Tuesday.

Officers focused on a concrete structure near a scrap yard, which in the past was used as an air raid shelter and explosives store.

For the last three years, it has been buried under hundreds of tonnes of earth to stop children playing in the area.

They also examined surrounding woodland and nearby ravines.


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