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Last Updated: Saturday, 17 September 2005, 11:08 GMT 12:08 UK
Ship tragedy victims remembered
The Benares was torpedoed
The Benares was torpedoed in 1940 by the Germans
Some 70 children who were killed when a ship from Liverpool to Canada was bombed during World War Two have been honoured at a service in Sunderland.

In all 77 out of 100 evacuees, nine from Sunderland, died when the City of Benares liner was torpedoed 65 years ago in the Atlantic.

The young victims were remembered at a service held at Sunderland Minster on Saturday.

The event was organised by the Sunderland Volunteer Life Brigade.

The Benares, a passenger liner designed for a tropical trip to Bombay, set sail from Liverpool on its fateful voyage across the Atlantic on September 13, 1940.

She was accompanied by a naval destroyer as she entered seas patrolled by German U-boats.

But on the fourth day of her voyage she continued alone and was hit by a German U-48 submarine. Only a handful of people were rescued.

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