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Last Updated: Friday, 25 June, 2004, 11:34 GMT 12:34 UK
Triple murderer admits his guilt
Steven Grieveson
Grieveson was told he would serve at least 35 years
A killer has admitted his guilt eight years after he was convicted of the murder of three teenage boys.

Steven Grieveson, of Roker Avenue, Sunderland, was given three life sentences in 1996 for the murders.

The then 25-year-old strangled and then burned the bodies of Thomas Kelly, 18, David Hanson and David Grieff, both 15, between 1993 and 1994.

During his six-week trial he maintained his innocence but the victims' families have now been told he has confessed.

The families were told of the confession in a letter from the Northumbria Victim Liaison Service.

'Physically sick'

David Hanson's mother Sheila said the admission did not change her opinion of her son's killer.

She said: "I was absolutely gutted. It came out of the blue. We weren't expecting anything. I just felt physically sick at the time.

"We will never ever forgive him. If that's what he is after, forgiveness off anybody by doing this he is totally wrong."

Grieveson was told he would serve a minimum of 35 years before being eligible for parole.

David Hanson's father John said: "We are just wondering why has he done it.

"We could understand if it was at the end of his sentence so he could get released, but why so early in the sentence? He has only served nearly a quarter of his sentence.

"He is not doing it for us or to clear his conscience or anything like that, no way, he is not that sort of person."

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