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Last Updated: Sunday, 13 June, 2004, 10:29 GMT 11:29 UK
Theatre's spectres are unearthed
Ghost hunters at Darlington Theatre
Psychic investigators studied the theatre's dressing rooms
Ghostbusters brought in to hunt out spirits at a theatre, say they have identified at least six "entities".

Psychic investigators were asked to tackle ghostly goings on at the 96-year-old Darlington Civic Theatre.

A team spent a night carrying out tests in an attempt to identify any spirits.

An initial report says several entities were picked up, including that of the theatre's first manager and a dog, which was later found buried near the building.

A small team of investigators from Yorkshire spent a night at the theatre and prepared a report for the venue's owners, Darlington Borough Council.

Mark Robson, co-founder of Yorkshire Psychic Investigators, said: "The theatre has a number of reported ghosts, the main one being a former manager Signor Rino Pepi.

Back stage

"Pepi has been felt many times, particularly at the back of the dress circles.

"He stands next of staff and taps them on the shoulder as he would have during a show, so as to let them know he is there without making a noise.

"A second ghost is that of a former fly man who is reported to have hung himself back stage.

"On the night we were there this ghost was picked up and identified himself as James or Jimmy and that he worked in the theatre between 1910 and 1912.

"He announced that he was married and had two children.

"A third ghost was picked up in one of the dressing rooms, that of a 30-year-old woman who felt great anger and frustration.

"She had tried to connect with people in the past, but without success.

Small dog

"She identified herself as Annabel and was not part of the theatre. The location of this dressing room is in a part of the theatre that was acquired and knocked through in the 1970's.

"In the past there have been report of a young girl crying and on one occasion a young girl was been seen in the mirrors. Our medium thought that the girl and woman may be linked in some way.

"There were two reports of a small dog, one from a young boy who claimed his drink had been knocked out of his hand after the animal jumped up at him.

"A few years later the remains of a small dog were found only yards from where the boy claimed to have seen the animal.

"We felt there were one or two more ghosts and it is hoped more information can be found when we do a follow-up investigation."

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