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Last Updated: Wednesday, 17 March, 2004, 18:07 GMT
Fight goes on 'for Metric Martyr'
Steven Thorburn
Steven Thorburn died on a heart attack
A campaign to allow the sale of food in imperial measures is to continue in the name of so-called Metric Martyr Steven Thoburn.

The 39-year-old Sunderland greengrocer, died suddenly from a heart attack on 14 March.

Mr Thoburn was convicted for selling goods only in imperial measures in 2001 and became known as the Metric Martyr.

Fellow campaigners have vowed to continue the fight to sell imperial measures in his name.

A funeral service for Mr Thoburn is to be held in Sunderland on 22 March.

Fellow campaigner Neil Heron said: "We will and must continue the fight in Steven's name and become an even bigger and more powerful organisation. He would have expected nothing less.

Family man

"He was due to celebrate his 40th birthday on the 26 March and family and friends had organised a surprise party.

"Steve and his wife Leigh had two children, Georgia and Jay, both two and another son Rhys, 13 from a previous relationship.

"Steve had arranged a special birthday treat that Sunday for Georgia, who was seven the previous day, and the trip in the stretch limousine went ahead,

"Leigh, is being comforted by family including her mother, Hilda and stepfather Ian."

Mr Heron said the hardworking tradesman was a devoted family man.

He said: "On Sunday he should have been enjoying a rare day at home, but woke at 0500 GMT feeling unwell.

"He complained to Leigh that he had chest pains and collapsed."

The funeral service for Mr Thoburn will be held at St Bennett's Church in Roker, Sunderland at 11.30 GMT on 22 March.

A reception will follow at the Stadium of Light.

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