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Last Updated: Thursday, 9 October, 2003, 08:58 GMT 09:58 UK
Sheep farmer returns home safe
A sheep farmer, who went missing for two nights after a car crash in County Durham, has turned up safe.

There were fears that Cliff Allen, 50, from Hawes in Wensleydale, could have been injured in the accident at Lunedale, in Teesdale, on Tuesday night.

Mr Allen was returning home after buying two sheep in Weardale when his Land Rover crashed into the wall of a cottage at 1800 BST.

While his passenger was being treated by paramedics, Mr Allen disappeared across the moors, sparking a land and air search that failed to find any trace of him.

Police 'relieved'

Durham Police said they received a telephone call from Mr Allen's daughter shortly before 0800 BST on Thursday, to say her father had arrived back at the family farm.

It is not yet known where Mr Allen had spent the last two nights, or if he knew anyone was looking for him.

Officers from North Yorkshire police plan to speak to him later on Thursday.

Sergeant Bob Danby, of Durham Police, said his officers would also need to speak to him in due course but for the moment he was relieved Mr Allen had come to no harm.


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