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Last Updated: Tuesday, 3 June, 2003, 11:33 GMT 12:33 UK
Get a degree in Geordie
Angel of the North
The Angel of the North is a cultural icon
A university has launched a degree in Geordie studies.

The University of Sunderland's unique course will look at every aspect of life in the north-east of England from the start of industrialisation - around the 1800s - to the present day.

Students will get a grounding in the cultural, historical, geographical, economic, political and literary landscape of the North East over the past two centuries.

The university says the BA in North East Studies is expected to attract interest from people looking at careers in areas such as regeneration, tourism, heritage and journalism.

The programme is being supported by Sunderland City Council, regional development agency One NorthEast, Beamish Museum and local MPs.

Dr Simon Henig, who is head of the programme, said: "The course offers a completely new and innovative opportunity for study.

"The University of Sunderland is the only university in the country to offer a programme on the North East of England.

"We will look back at the region over the last 200 years - the development of the region in industrial and cultural terms up to World War I.

"Then the expansion in mining, shipbuilding and iron industries, to its decline and the region's renaissance.

"The course will reveal the spirit, innovation, intellect, passion and resilience which have blessed the region with a captivating and colourful history."

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