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Last Updated: Thursday, 8 April, 2004, 19:47 GMT 20:47 UK
Town in turmoil over map mix-up
Berwick map
The map had more than 20 errors
A tourist information map of a Northumberland town has been withdrawn after several mistakes were found.

The map of Berwick did not include the town's Elizabethan walls, had streets which do not exist and put some sites in the wrong place.

Publishers have admitted the mistakes, but said they did not now how they had occurred and are investigating.

The maps have been withdrawn and the company will be re-printing and re-distributing them.

The maps were printed by Essex-based Codair Design and Publicity, which sells advertising space around maps and approached tourist information in Berwick to say it would be producing them.

Cartography manager Vincent Rayner said they had approached the Ordnance Survey for the up-to-date information and then re-drawn their map.

There has been a mistake, we hold our hands up and are doing our best to correct it
Vincent Rayner, Codair Design and Publicity

He said they had sent proof copies of the map to tourist information in Berwick although he was aware some may have been lost.

He said there had been a glitch somewhere in the process, which they would be investigating, and until then he said he did not know how the mistakes had happened and was not blaming anyone.

Mr Rayner said they would not have put out the maps, which were distributed free, if they had known they were wrong.

"It has been very unfortunate and embarrassing," he said.

"There has been a glitch and there have been problems. Once it was pointed out, we were anxious to correct it."

Mr Rayner said they were now working with people in Berwick to re-draw maps and the corrected versions should be available by the end of April.

A Berwick Borough Council spokesperson said: "The map was commissioned and produced by a private company.

"Clearly there are a number of errors on the map which we would have picked up on the final proof, if we had received a copy.

"We of course are concerned that the map is incorrect and will work closely with the company to ensure that if they produce another one the details are correct."



The BBC's Chris Stewart
"The council allowed the company to use its logo"

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