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Survivor remembers shooting spree


Bob Wilson was wounded in the shootings

A survivor of a shooting rampage in a North Tyneside seaside town has recalled the horror 20 years on.

One person was killed and 14 injured when Robert Sartin, then 22, used his father's shotgun to shoot people in Monkseaton, on 30 April 1989.

He was found to have a severe form of schizophrenia, sent to a mental health unit, and remains incarcerated.

Bob Wilson, who suffered face and back wounds, said on Thursday: "You don't expect to be shot in the street."

Ken Macintosh was killed as he delivered church leaflets on what was then a Bank Holiday Sunday.

The shooting spree lasted 20 minutes before Sartin, who lived locally, was arrested by an unarmed police officer.

'Dressed in black'

The Department of Social Security clerk was found to be unfit to stand trial. He is detained at Ashworth Hospital on Merseyside.

Bob Wilson was in his garden when he heard some loud bangs.

"There's a local man who used to fix boilers and I thought he had a problem so went to have a look," he said.

Bob Wilson
Survivor Bob Wilson saw the gunman walk up to him

"Then I saw a man walking towards me and thought 'there's nothing wrong, he's not taking any notice'.

"As I was walking back to the garden I thought 'I'm sure that man had a gun in his hand', turned round and he fired.

"All I remember was he was dressed in black with some bullets across his chest, and a gun.

"You just don't expect to be shot."

He suffered pellet wounds to his face and back and was taken to hospital.

"The nurses were fascinated," he said.

"They had never seen a gunshot wound before and they were all coming in to have a look."

Mr Wilson added that the incident had been forgotten by most people in Monkseaton, which was "not a bad thing".

He said: "At the time there was lots of publicity, but 20 years is a long time, what's gone is gone."

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