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Sasha Tuck at the RTS awards...

Stephanie Merrix, Sasha Tuck and Andrew Jeffrey
Stephanie, Sasha and Andrew

I arrived at the Sage first thing Saturday morning the 21st February. Firstly, the group met their mentors, my mentor was Andrew a BBC Online Producer, and then we set off with our cameras and began our picture diary of the day.

We planned to keep a pictorial record of all parts of the day from start to finish.

We went back stage and met the presenters for the Regional Film Awards.

We met Nick Owen the BBC News Presenter and Graeme Thompson, the Chairman of the RTS in the North East.

We then had the opportunity to interview them and during the interview they told us that the media industry had been affected badly by the "credit crunch" recession, they told us for example that Wire in the Blood had been cut after six series.

We broke for lunch and set out again to photograph the award and dinner rehearsals which were taking place in Hall 1 and the Sage Lobby.

Speaking to Lucy Jolly, one of the organisers after the award ceremony, she indicated that she thought the rehearsals were a bit slow but later, the actual ceremony was to pick up speed and went smoothly even though one of the cameras wasn't working.

The 22nd Annual Royal Television Awards...

Luckily no one in the audience noticed.

Seven o'clock arrived and we all changed into our formal black dress for the ceremony.

Me and my group had one more quick clarification of what we were doing and what we wanted to achieve and we set off to photograph the arrival of Border News, ITV and the BBC.

The atmosphere was very upbeat and jolly with people with high expectations and excitement and the free flowing champagne helped the occasion.

Everyone had dressed for the event.

Ladies in cocktail dresses and evening wear and men in their black ties, the night was getting off to a fine start.

The Digital Voice - Passionate About Media team at the RTS awards 2009 - getting ready for the show...

The Award ceremony kicked off with a speech from Graeme Thompson talking about the importance of sticking together through the recession and although we only had an hour to get through the awards most people felt the need to say a few words on the same subject when they picked up their award.

Speaking to journalist Patrick Lovell, he said that the awards were "racy and ran smoothly and he had thoroughly enjoyed himself".

However speaking to Mary Jane McKuun, an Amy Winehouse look-alike, she thought the evening needed a "fag break and better air conditioning" as it was extremely cold inside.

Dinner took place after the awards and although guests of the awards got fabulous meals I only managed to munch on a brownie, before grabbing a quick word with Nicholas Owen about how he felt the occasion had gone.

He said: "The recession in the media industry has hurt Newcastle and what we need to do is stick together until the next generation comes."

He thought that what other people at the awards had said was inspiring especially when there were young people like me watching and taking note.

My evening ended there.

I was left to upload my photos of the event and pack away all the equipment.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and the new experience and thanks to Andrew for being a great mentor.

Thanks also to Olwyn Hocking and Julie Nicholson for running the event.

I hope there is another one and I hope I can be part of it.

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