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Last Updated: Monday, 29 January 2007, 08:08 GMT
City eyesore finally disappears
Westgate House
Westgate House was built 35 years ago
Newcastle's skyline has changed forever after months of work to dismantle one of the city's most notorious eyesores.

The complex project to remove Westgate House and Norwich Union House started in May 2006, with the building being demolished from the inside.

Over the weekend bulldozers moved in to remove the base of the infamous office block, which was built 35 years ago.

The demolition project, ordered by owners One NorthEast, has cost more than 1m.

The building straddled Westgate Road, but work to dismantle it caused only minimal disruption to city centre traffic.

Most of the material from the demolished building will be sold back to the construction industry.

The building's owner is speaking to developers to come up with a retail, office and residential scheme that would fit in with the architecture in the area.


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