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Last Updated: Tuesday, 5 December 2006, 01:49 GMT
Youth prison praised for safety
Castington holds juveniles and young adults
A young offenders institution in Northumberland is a safe, respectful and purposeful environment, according to a government inspector.

Anne Owers, chief inspector of prisons, said staff and managers at Castington Young Offenders Institute deserved considerable praise.

Her report highlighted a good relationship between staff and inmates.

It also found that education, training and resettlement had improved since a previous visit.

However, there was concern about the negative perceptions of many black and ethnic minority young people, and the absence of an effective national strategy to manage the units holding long-sentenced young people.

'Satisfactory outcomes'

Castington houses juveniles on remand and those subject to a detention and training order, as well as remanded and sentenced young adults.

Ms Owers said: "Staff and managers at Castington deserve considerable praise for the safe, respectful and purposeful environment that they provide for both juveniles and young adults.

"It is rare that a split site young offender institution manages to deliver satisfactory outcomes for both its populations, not least because the separate parts receive different levels of resource and face different performance management requirements.

"Commendably, Castington has managed to do so."


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